About Power and Invisible Bankers.

An unfair battle of the 0.1% against the 99.9%


We live in a world of fraud and deception and an ever increasing number of people are beginning to realize this. This non-fiction book “About Power and Invisible Bankers” is about power, money, fraud and deception and describes bizarre information, that is purposely kept out of our history books and off course main stream media does not talk about it. It is another view of the events in the world and is written to inform the reader how the system of money and power structures, in which we live, probably works. The book answers many questions that our society is currently struggling with.




    “This book should be spread door to door! Compulsory reading from secondary schools.” 

    Mieke J

  • “A dear friend of mine gave me your book. It is fantastic, THANK YOU!!! You have done me a great favor as pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. The invisible enemy has been given a clear face. That in itself gives peace of mind even though that may sound weird, considering the scope of the dangers. I feel I can now arm myself.”


  • “I Just read your book, what an eye-opener! How can it be that many single events seem meaningless, but once you connect the dots they lead to a fascinating different insights! I am in search of the real truth, thanks for that.”

    Greetings Jeroen.

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